KNX Assisted Living

The modern day requirements of Assisted Living spaces require creative and interoperable solutions are are easy to use and maintain. Further, assisted living solutions need to be mindful of end-user needs (vocal operation, etc…) and safeguards (accident prevention and alerting).

KNX, at its very core offers interoperability across Electrical, Mechanical and IT Systems with the ability to create bespoke applications. With a product range of over 8000 certified KNX products, there are keypads, sensors and detectors to meet every application.

Here are some of the many solutions we often discuss with Assisted Living Home Designers:

External Door AccessKNX can control door hardware such as that of Assa Abloy via RFID, NFC, Biometrics and Mobile App.
Internal Door ControlKNX can utilise discrete above door sensors to activate door motors without the need for manual activation
Voice ControlKNX offers both WAN and LAN (Secure) based Voice Automation Solutions including Alexa and Google Home.
Larger KeypadsKNX offers ‘slap’ function on some Keypads and also A4 sized ‘invisible’ Keypads allowing easier activation
Vital MonitoringKNX offers solutions that can detect a person regardless of motion by monitoring room environment (Temperature, VO2, CO2, etc…)
Phone ControlKNX offers the option to create bespoke GUI Mobile Applications for control of the property
Responsive LightingKNX offers ‘Human-Centric Lighting’ solutions that are scientifically proven to improve wellbeing

At KNX Ireland, we regularly work with MEP engineers, Architects and Consultants to define, create, design and implement Smart Assisted Living Solutions throughout Ireland. We are always happy to discuss solutions and applications with those in need of expert advice.

If you have a project to discuss or you’d like to work with us, please get in touch via the form below:

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