Family Home, Dublin

The following project is a case study example provided by KNX. This project was completed in 2017 and utilises up to 100 KNX Devices in the following key groups:

  • Lighting – Switching, Dimming, Timed Control and Automated Occupancy
  • Heating and HVAC – Individual Room Control
  • Blind & Shutter Controls
  • Security and Safety – Leak Detection and Intrusion Detection
  • Operation & Visualization – Table Visualization
  • Automation – IoT and SMS Outputs

This family home in Dublin took a leap into the 21st century without design compromise which has been accomplished by using a mixture of digital switches and hidden binary units. By integrating their security systems into the KNX system they have full control over their homes electrical infrastructure from both inside the home and whilst on the go.

Have a look at the project gallery for this project in Dublin, Ireland:

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