Cooperative HQ, Manchester

This project is a case study provided by KNX. This project was completed in 2013 using over 3500 KNX Devices across a 30,500 meters squared area. The primary objectives of the product were as follows:

  • Lighting – Constant Lighting Control
  • Security and Safety – Fault Detection
  • Operation — Control via Touch Panels
  • Energy Saving via Smart Metering and Battery Storage
  • AV Controls

The benefit of using a KNX system on a project of this scale is largely surrounding the automation of outputs that in turn saves on energy resource. As an example, when ceiling mounted sensors fitted in an office space detect fail to detect any motion after standard working hours the KNX system will automatically trigger all lighting circuits in that area to a state of off. Another example would be the dynamic control of HVAC and Heating to keep a balanced ambient office temperature controlled by zone.

Read more about this project directly on KNX.org, Click here.

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