Carrickdale Hotel & Spa

In early 2022, we were contracted by the Carrickdale Hotel & Spa to specify, supply, program and configure a KNX Dimming Control system for ‘Dales Lounge‘.

Some of the core elements of the project included:

  • Resolve the existing TRIAC Dimming issues including flicker and flashing of lamps
  • Configure pre-defined scenes to suit Day, Evening, Night and Porter light level requirements
  • Configure Timers to run each of above scenes including smooth changeover

On this project we utilised the following equipment:

  • Theben KNX 8 Channel Dimming Actuator (FIX2) (DM8-2T)
    Theben KNX 8 Channel Dimming Actuator (FIX2) (DM8-2T)
    £519.13 + VAT
  • Theben DMB 1 Channel KNX Dimming Booster Extension
    Theben DMB 1 Channel KNX Dimming Booster Extension
    £67.70 + VAT
  • Zennio Z41 Pro Touch Panel
    Zennio Z41 Pro Touch Panel
    £432.00£496.00 + VAT

Lighting circuits were split into 16 channels with majority running as TRIAC dimming whilst 1 circuits consisted of 350mA CC pin spots and required min/max adjustment to achieve a smooth dimming curve. 1 Channel required a dimming booster given the overall load. Each of the configured scenes include all 16 channels and on-site commissioning took place alongside the general manager to select dimming levels (to the increment of 5%) for each of the circuits. In addition we added some other functions including Emergency (all on to 100%), all off (for end of night – Night Porter) and security levels to limit alteration of these pre-configured scenes.

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